IGEAS 2021 is a virtual networking event for the collegiate esports industry.

Although the world has changed, the need for networking, mentorship, and innovation within the collegiate esports space has stayed the same. Inven Global is inviting all students, educators, esports professionals, and academic leaders to join us on the virtual events platform Hubilo in two days of virtual networking, panels, tournaments, and more.


Michael “Meswannjr” Swann is a dedicated esports educator and mentor, bringing with him multiple years of experience as a manager and organization executive. He has helped build the growing brand “RBG Esports” and has developed talent within numerous esports titles, including Rocket League and Hearthstone.

Danielle Rourke is a Senior Strategist for Higher Education for Dell Technologies, focused on the 15 states in the Central region of the United States. Danielle’s responsibilities include generating long-term industry growth, acting as the SME for esports in Higher Education, and much more.

Erin Sparkman is the Director of Partnerships of Esports at ScoreSide. Erin has experience in business development with an extensive history in the gaming and entertainment industry. For the past several years she has focused primarily on partnership development and emerging marketings within the explosive changes in the landscape of gaming and entertainment.

Brett Payne is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is best known for creating Contender Esports, a video game center franchise with locations found throughout the world that provides opportunities for casual play, memberships, weekly tournaments, leagues, and national events

Jeremy Crase is from The Trade Group, they are the lead Events Marketing and Creative Design Agency in the US. They do Trade Show Displays and they are following the latest trends and Visitors’ Engagements Processes.

Jeffrey Schoonover is a Managing Partner at CloudTree Ventures. He heads Peninsula Lifestyle Capital, PLLC, a niche consulting and advisory firm trusted by Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike.

Alan Ritacco is the Associate Vice President for External Relations and Senior Fellow at Clark University. Alan is a strategic and detail-oriented executive leader combining technology, vision, and goal setting for results across a unique and diverse background that crosses Esports, Computer Science, Academics, Science and Research, Business, and development with a proven track record of results across these diverse areas.

Cat Tompkins is the Senior Public Relations Specialist at ASUS. Cat is experienced in public relations, marketing, and business development manager and a current MBA Candidate with over 7 years of experience within the esports/gaming, and tech industry.

Anthony Guerra is an Executive Board Member of The Esports Foundry and the Owner/Founder/CEO of EsportsGear. Esports Foundry offers complete esports consulting services, tailored to manage and grow esports centers, schools, and organizations. EsportsGear was created with the intent of taking the stress out of your apparel experience.

Ron Hamlin is the founder and CEO of Virtual Reload. They are poised to become the high school Esports program, training students from middle school and beyond in order to earn college-level scholarships for esports.

Danny Martin is the Co-founder/CEO of Esposure Inc. and Esports Subject Matter Expert at SMU. He has aided in the professional development of students, interns, and post-graduates.

Paul J. Foster is the CEO of the Global Esports Federation. Paul is a global-oriented leader with a track record of managing complex organizations, projects, and diverse multi-portfolio teams. He is committed to a life of learning and active participation and has a spirit to serve the underserved sectors of the community.

Nik Adams is the Co-Chief Executive Officer at Esports Investment Group. EIG is an esports holding company, building an esports ecosystem through owned and operated companies and strategic investments.

Jeffrey Weiss is the Founder and Ringmaster at EsportsCircus. EsportsCircus is a mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics venue that produces events focusing on the College Esports community along with Robot Wars (Battle Bots) and VR Games.

Edwin Romero is the Course Producer & Partnerships Manager at ProGuides. He is experienced in computer hardware industry with a demonstrated history of working in hospitality and is skilled in Talent Negotiation and Esports Influencer Marketing.

Felix Lahaye is the founder of United Esports. United Esports is an international esports organization specializing in esports & gaming media.

Logan Hermes is the Esports Program Manager at D&H Distributing and the Head of Operations at the Minnesota Esports Club. D&H Distributing is a leading technology and electronics goods merchant wholesale distributor and the Minnesota Esports Club is an esports nonprofit whose goal is to support and promote youth enrichment, leadership, and education through esports organization, development, competition, and media production.

Chris Hopper is a former finance professional, who then became a senior esports leader at Riot Games, and is now the COO at Pipeline.

Chris Smith is the founder and CEO of BIG Sports. He has held just about every role in the videogames industry in the past 12 years; from being a top-level competitive player, commentator, tournament coordinator, PR & marketing representative, consultant and much more.

Danielle Johnson is the Executive Director at Texas Scholastic Esports Federation. Danielle is a a teacher and an organizer building an educator-run esports program for Texas students.

Lori Bajorek is the President of the National Esports Association. Lori is an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in education. She is skilled in nonprofit organizations, businessowners, executive level management, education, and esports.

Rebecca Dixon is the co-founder and CEO of the*gameHERs. She is the co-founder of the*gameHERs: a media platform and social network for women who game. the*gameHERs celebrates women in gaming industry and works to advance the role, voice, image, and power of all the*gameHERs in the gaming world.

James Baker is the Director of Esports at Dignitas. James is an ambitious and dedicated esports professional, with experience on stage and behind the scenes. He is also experienced in player management and business development.

Vivian Nguyen is the Business Intelligence Data Manager at Team Liquid. Team Liquid is a professional gaming organization and a media enterprise.

Chris Slotboom; Being a nerdy geek in IT Sales with a degree in International Hospitality, is an invaluable combination 😎. This led to the exciting development of his biggest passions: memorable engagements and gaming getting taken seriously.

Steven Dekker is the Founder of Gaming@Work. With a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, he uses gaming to stimulate personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. In his work, he aims to normalize healthy video gaming behavior.