College Level Esports Implementation

Provide help with finding local businesses for sponsorship opportunities. Develop an esports curriculum in the areas of operation, marketing, sponsorship, community management, streaming, and tournaments. Create a foundation for schools wanting to start esports teams by providing tools for team management, coaching, and team support.

Consulting Services

Helping local schools created esports teams and curriculum Event management and development Community building through social media and Discord Create Discord Server, maintenance and audit Social media account setup, maintenance, and audit Curriculum development

Esports Classes

We offer a wide selection of esports classes from basic 1-day bootcamps in specific games to join sports-esports clinics. In addition, we develop esports classes that are both group and one-on-one sessions. We also develop class curriculum in the areas of team operation, marketing, technology, tournament event management, as well as streaming/casting and video production. … Continue reading Esports Classes