Mission: To provide a safe and supportive environment for gamers to achieve their dreams.

The Esports industry is exploding. Total revenues reached $869 million in 2018 and is forecast to more than triple by 2022, reaching $2.96 billion, according to an October 2018 report by Goldman Sachs. Therefore, expanding into Esports will provide opportunities for your students. This industry will engage more students and provide high paying jobs – now.

We specialize in helping schools develop their own brand and Esports solution to address the needs of their student population. We want to engage as many students as possible while providing them practical skills and knowledge that they can use immediately. 

Esports has been shown to be able to engage a wide range of students:  English learners, special needs and those with learning differences. Our curriculum emphasizes team work, diversity, critical thinking, and communication skills in addition to the technical skills.