We offer a wide selection of esports classes from basic 1-day boot camps in specific games to joining sports-esports clinics. In addition, we develop esports classes that are both group and one-on-one sessions. We also develop class curriculums in team operation, marketing, technology, tournament event management, streaming/casting, and video production.

1-Day Clinics

  • Learn about competitive environments and etiquette
  • Team communication
  • Group Coaching from beginner to advance
  • Dealing with stresses


We connect you with coaches who can help you improve your game, by improving technique, strategy or to be a better player.


Team Operations

You will learn the ins and outs of being an effective team manager from player recruitment to support team recruitment and financial management.


You will learn the effective way of promoting your team, both online and offline, through several channels ranging from social media online presence, press releases, community management, brand marketing, cross-functional communication, and event management.

Video Streaming

You will learn about streaming, whether you are a caster, video producer, video editor, or graphic designer. We will teach you about the different positions and the role they play in producing a successful stream, whether you are on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer.


This is an important role and we will teach you the essential key points on what makes you a successful partnership manager from how to reach out to companies for sponsorships to just maintaining your current sponsors and partners who help support your team, through financial or product partnerships.