We help you connect to the esports communities in ways unique to us. It has built trust with the esports community while expanding our past and current partners’ reach. Let us help you become someone the esports community trusts.

Esports Parent Forums

Our panels are targeted toward parents, especially those who do not fully understand esports and all the opportunities available. We cover topics such as scholarship opportunities, careers, mental health, teamwork, etc. Our panels consist of current industry exports, university/college coaches and esports administrators, school administrators, and more!

Here are some of the partners we have worked with:

  • Coastline Community College
  • 4th District PTA – Capo
  • Nigeria Esports Federation

Domestic and International Recruitment Programs

We are the link between esports players and esports player agents and organizations. We help connect the players with colleges/universities that are right for them. We also help colleges/universities connect with the right players through the personal touch method. We also help community colleges form partnerships with local universities with an esports bridge program

College Club and Competitive Esports programs

We help colleges that don’t know how to start clubs or competitive esports programs by providing them with the tools that they need.

Some services we provide to help set up clubs are:

  • Setting up the club’s Discord channel
  • Develop a schedule of events
    • Ranges from local LAN events to social esports nights

Colleges we have helped:

  • Coastline Community College, Esports Club

Develop High School and Collegiate STEM Curriculums

Here are some of the partners we work with:

  • Coastline Community College
  • Capo PTA 4th District