Who Are We?

In the gaming world, opportunities abound for scholarships and jobs within companies looking for people with the skillsets that gaming provides, such as teamwork, strategic thinking, and creativity.

Esports College and Career Pathway’s mission is to expand access to those opportunities and provide a clear path forward for young gamers to reach their potential.

We work with colleges, players and brands to form a clear path from player to leader in the esports industry.

Meet the Founder

Katherine Amoukhteh

Katherine Amoukhteh is the founder and CEO of Esports College & Career Pathways, which she built on the mission to provide a safe and supportive environment for gamers. Her passion for esports started when she was the League of Legends team manager for several high school teams. From this, she discovered the impact of esports on young players. 

She has a proven track record of over 15 years in STEM education. Katherine spent the majority of her engineering career in manufacturing before transitioning to teaching when she joined the ROP staff. During her tenure, she was awarded the Teacher of the Year in part due to her work as a team manager for the high school esports program. After ending her last teaching role, she joined a global online platform dedicated to helping gamers improve their game, where she was the VP of operations. 

She is also known as a thought leader for bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion in esports and created The Hive as her platform. You can often find her on panels talking about DEI topics.

Her most recent work included projects such as the Collegiate Combine, where gamers have the opportunity to be recruited by a college or university for a substantial scholarship, women in gaming (The Hive), high school and collegiate esports consulting, and launching Esports Playgran in Orange County, CA.

She holds both a BS and MS in Engineering from San Jose State Univerity.

Fun Fact! She plays and competes online in Tetris, a true gamer’s game.